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Enclosed Type Lifeboat Dehumidification
Specially Made for Lifeboat - 
MDC160 42VAC
We are Exclusive Distributor and Installer In South East Asia Under DT Group

Dehumidification of the spaces located in a humid marine climate is obligatory, since aggressive marine environment has a very negative effect on the equipment of any kind.. Standard dehumidifiers were not suitable for two reasons. Firstly, the standard mains power of a single phase dehumidifier is 230VAC, and the lifeboat has a 42VAC mains power supply. Secondly, there was a very limited space inside the lifeboat for the dehumidifier installation. This led to a number of challenges during the design stage of the tailored dehumidifier.

DT Group team succeeded to design and manufacture probably the smallest dehumidifier in the world – MDC160 suitable for 42VAC mains power supply. The dimensions of the casing are just 305x305x305mm, but still the unit provides very high moisture removal of 0.6 l/h at the power consumption of 1,0 kW. The installation of the dehumidifier is very simple and implies only connection of mains power supply and the wet regeneration air exhaust flexible hose. The dehumidifier is completed with the electromechanical humidistat and therefore it is activated/deactivated in automatic mode based on the humidistat signal. This unit has proven itself well in the lifeboats on the different vessels, off shore platforms and other marine facilities. The unit is fully autonomous and practically doesn’t require any maintenance (only checking and replacing the air filter). Therefore it is very versatile in solving dehumidification tasks in the specific marine applications.

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