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We never compromise with your personal safety 

Baltic Lifejackets, based in Älgarås, Sweden, Baltic design and manufacture lifejackets, buoyancy aids and floatation clothing. There can no compromise when it comes to your safety, and at Baltic we invest our people, processes, materials and component parts to provide an exquisite top of the range product, that is functional and comfortable whilst remaining stylish. 

For the commercial operations we have a dedicated range of M.E.D./SOLAS inflatable and inherently buoyant Lifejackets which remain compact and easy to wear. There are added features including PVC outer covers that provide high resistance to flame, oil, mould and UV-light plus lifejackets, plus up to 305N buoyancy to overcome the negative forces of heavy industrial clothing.

Neptune Safety as a dealer from Baltic we provides sales and aftersales service and annual inspection of all Baltic SOLAS lifejacket.

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