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Updated on 1st  Feb 2024

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We are pleased to announce that Neptune is now an authorized workshop and parts sales for BUKH and SABB. Both engine brands are captured more than 40% of the lifeboats markets. 


Updated on 2nd September 2022

It was a rough period during the Covid pandemic. Many businesses were deeply affected with the lock down and overseas deployment was put to a hauled. However, being an entrepreneur, it is our duty to exercise our best effort and ability to overcome all these uncertainness. Sustainability and diversification are the key focus and to explore adapting to new ways in running a business is vital.


An entrepreneur is someone that face numerous times of failures and make necessary correction from the lesson learn and keep trying.

Start a business is always easy. However, to create and build a business that delivers long-term value requires courage, persistence and a strong sense of entrepreneur spirit to set the pace. It takes an individual who is well equipped with unique and remarkable leadership skills to transform a dream into reality, leading the business and forming a formidable management team that contributes to the growth of the business, increasing its profitable and delivering its committed values.

I am honored to receive this highest accolade entrepreneurship 100 of the year issued by the Association of Trade and Commence Singapore. I thank you to the continuous support from our suppliers, customers in making this possible.


Our Hong Kong team is ready! 

Updated on 31st May 2021

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Updated on 31st May 2021

We welcome our new alliance ARIS onboard. Together we provides a one stop emergency evacuation services offer to the offshore and maritime industries. 


Updated on 31st May 2021

An alliance memorandum has been signed between Neptune Safety and Honour Marine Safety. Together we will provides maritime safety services and supply vice vasa between Hong Kong and Singapore. Ships that transit within these areas shall ensure goods and services are well taken care. 

Neptune Safety has become one of the dealer network for Nautilus. Nautilus manufactured a state of art marine rescue GPS, its specification comes in more handy and easy to operates. 

Updated on 31st May 2021

Wilsafe Systems Pte Ltd a reputable supplier in Singapore sealed a strategic alliance partner with Neptune Safety Singapore. Together we offer a full range of fire-fighting system supply, commissioing and inspection work for our customer. 

"We believe it would be a good combination between Neptune Safety and Wilsfe Systems since individually we have our expertise" said Dawn Sitoh ( Managing Director of Wilsafe Systems Pte Ltd )

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